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Student Locker Information

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Student Locker Information

We understand that students, and their parents, want to know that what is brought to school is safe. To that end, we are committed to ensuring that each student is assigned their own locker that has been inspected and maintained by our custodial staff. Students may use their own locks or choose to purchase one from the school.

Unused lockers will remain locked and can be opened by our main office staff when a student brings or purchases a lock.

Students are:

  • expected to only use the locker that has been assigned to them
  • NOT to share their lock combination with anyone, except for the office
  • responsible for keeping their locker clean and neat
  • expected to report any damage
  • NOT to write or draw on the inside of the locker
  • responsible for the contents of the locker assigned to them

Lockers are assigned to students near their Semester 1 Block A class in secondary and near their homeroom in intermediate. The main office keeps a record of assigned lockers and a list of lock combinations. While we understand that students want to be close to their friends, we cannot re-assign lockers to accommodate these sorts of changes. We will, however, try to accommodate students in special circumstances. Students, or their parents, are asked to contact administration for these requests.

The principal and vice principal reserve the right to access any locker at any time should there be any concern over student safety.

locker clean out

Remember: this is an old building and, like all older buildings, it has its share of 'uninvited guests'. The trick to keeping them out of YOUR locker is to NOT feed them! Please do NOT leave food in open containers in your locker.

ALL locks and locker content must be removed at the end of the school year so that our custodial team can do a thorough cleaning. We are not responsible for items left behind.

Thank you for being responsible in the HOME OF THE TROJANS!

Updated: September 2023

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