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Scent-Safe Zone

We have students and staff at our school who are sensitive to different scents and fragrances, especially those that are contained in aerosol cans such as the popular “Axe” sprays. As such, we are asking all of our students, their families and our staff to please refrain from wearing scents that could potentially cause harm. Public facilities such as hospitals and schools evoke “scent safe” environments in order to maintain the safety of all of the people that access the building. We need to work together to help preserve the safety of the many people that enter our building on a daily basis. We serve people that have serious adverse reactions related to scents and fragrances. Within our school community, we have an obligation to respect the rights of all inpiduals to teach, learn, and achieve in an environment that promotes and supports healthy lives. 

We ask that you respect our scent safe policy. So that we can continue to keep The Home Of The Trojans a place everyone is safe and a place where everyone feels that they belong!

We all share the air. Let’s keep it healthy and fragrance-free.


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