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Multi Subject Instructional Period (MSIP)

Teachers supporting student learning = SUCCESS!

The Multi Subject Instructional Period (MSIP) occurs every morning from 9:15 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. and supports student learning. This occurs for secondary students.

The MSIP class is comprised of the students from the Period 1 class. This allows students to be with their own subject teacher for the MSIP support.

At GSS, we have a four week tumble of our secondary timetable. This means that each student has each of their subject teachers for MSIP for one week every four weeks. his will provide a variety of opportunities for students to receive support for their learning directly from their subject teachers. It also allows for large blocks of instructional time for one week each month. We know that this supports learning.

MSIP classes are mandatory for each student to attend as they fulfil the Education Act requirement of 110 hours of instructional time for a student to obtain credit for the course. A minimum of 15% of a student's mark will be based on MSIP assignments.

Students can expect:

Directed support from each of their teachers. They can also be afforded the opportunity to move to another one of their classes during this time to focus attention on the course they need.

Students are expected to:

Attend all MSIP classes and have attendance recorded as per student timetable.
Use MSIP classes to complete assigned subject work, prepare for tests and read subject related materials and complete enrichment activities to enhance knowledge.
Respect the learning needs of others by completing work independently and quietly.
Students should dedicate an equal amount of time to all courses on their timetable within a one week period.

Students wishing to work in groups must ask the MSIP teacher for permission and show they are working on the project indicated in an educationally appropriate manner.

MSIP sign-out procedures:

Obtain MSIP slip (before 7:55 a.m., 11:20 a.m. to 12:05 p.m. or after school) for permission to attend an alternate location to complete course related tasks or assignments. The process of obtaining an MSIP slip will not be an 'excuse' by teachers.
Students must arrive on time to MSIP (with their required course related material in hand) present their MSIP pass to the MSIP teacher and record where they are going on the MSIP Sign-Out Form. Being late for MSIP will carry the same consequences for being late to class.

Use the MSIP slip as a hall pass to travel from the MSIP classroom to the alternate location within 5 minutes and present the MSIP slip to the alternate location teacher.
If students sign-out to an alternate location they must spend the entire period in that location.

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